Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Ghoul Party Nails

Halloween is just around the corner! Time to break out the creepy crawlies and get your spook on. So why not start with this cute and simple ghoul party design?

To make these adorable little ghosts, use a white polish and a small brush to draw a small, teardrop shape on your nail. 

From the center of the "bulb" of the drop, draw an upside-down "Y".

And finish the ghost smoothing out all the points, leaving space below the eyes for the mouth.

Add a few more ghosts to your nail to fill out the design.

Carefully apply one layer of a dark purple jelly polish. I'm using L'Oreal " Berry Nice".

This design is really all about layering. I suggest letting the previous layer dry before painting on the next of ghost to avoid accidentally tugging the underlying set.

Add another layer of purple polish and repeat

I did four layers of ghosts total. The thing I love most about these ghosts is that they don't have to be perfect. In fact, making them a little jagged and ragged gives them all the more charm in the finished design.

I used the ghosts as an accent on my ring finger and thumb, and used four layers of the purple polish on the rest. Finish with a fast drying top coat to seal in your design.


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