Saturday, October 25, 2014

Burnt Parchment Nails

Nope! These are not stickers. But good luck convincing everyone else of that!

This design does require a few more supplies than normal, but it's super simple. 

You'll need a newspaper, rubbing alcohol, tweezers, a make-up sponge, nail polish remover, and a small brush in addition to your polishes.

So let's begin!

Start off by painting all of your nails a peachy nude.

Cut or tear the newspaper into pieces slightly bigger than your nails. Pour rubbing alcohol into a small dish and submerge the newspaper in the alcohol for 10 seconds.

Line up newspaper over your nail and press down gently over the entire surface. Hold for 3 seconds and remove. It doesn't have to come out perfect, so don't stress over it.

Now for the fun part! Using your make-up sponge and tweezers, sponge on brown polish where you want the burn to be.

Sponge black polish onto the "edge of the burn" and blend with brown. 

use nail polish remover and a smal brush to gently "burn off" the polish edge.

Finish with a matte top coat to  give your design a real "dried paper" look.


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  1. That's so cool and artistic!!